I am honoured to bring you Gary Curneen, the author of a new book titled "The Modern Soccer Coach 2014: A Four Dimensional Approach"

Source: garycurneen.com

 Gary was very kind to share his vast knowledge with us on the pod about what contributes to successful modern coaching.

 In this episode we talk about topics like:

- What is the common theme behind the coaching sessions of the most successful modern coaches?

- How to get players to buy into your coaching methods?

- How do you make your team score more "scrappy" goals?

- What is a trigger, and how can you design training exercises that contain triggers?

- Gary's approach to the tactical side of the game.

- How to coach the tactical side of the game?

- Guidelines for coaching counter-attacking football.

- Life off the field.

- Guidelines for communicating with players.

- The coaching heroes of Gary, and his all-time favourite XI.

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You can get Gary's book The Modern Soccer Coach 2014: A Four Dimensional Approach from Amazon here.

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